It’s all about the Ark survival Evolved

In the new era, everyone wants new games to play for reducing the stress. For those game lovers, Ark survival Evolved is the best game to play. It is a top-rated game, so can find it easily on the Android or IOS. Launched by studio wildcard and it is still there best game. It is full of missions, thrill, or entertainment. If you like to play survival mission games, then it is the idle game for you.

Tips to survive

  • Find the shelter– it is a good strategy for play long, but it is the most laborious work for the beginner to find a place/shelter to live. First, you should try to find a simple shelter to live, for this; you have to collect the material to build your shelter. You need many things to make a home like.


-15 walls

-One door frame

-One door

-Four roof



You should place all these items at your hot bar; it helps to find these things quickly. For making the house first, you should place the foundations in their proper place. After this, you can put all walls, but don’t forget to leave a place for the main door, Try to do it perfectly. At the end put the roof on the right place on top.  With the progress, you will also find the bed or many more things for the house. If you are spending a lot of money on your home, then it is also a good idea to play safe for the future. But without money, it’s hard for you to clear the beginning tasks.


  • Take help from blueprints– As you know, to unlock new recipes you have to spend money or clear the level. Blueprints give you permission to build anything without unlocking the recipes. You will able to build all things which you need to survive. It’s all depends on your luck, because if you find the blueprints in early times, then you can easily pass the missions. But if you can’t find it, then you have to unlock the recipes.
  • Free amber– The name of the premium currency used in the game is amber, which is only available in the mobile version by getting ARK Survival Evolved Cheats. You can use it only for one time, to purchase items or too quick construction. But the purpose of the game is entertainment, so always try to clear without any help of amber





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