Value of the currency in the Game of Sultans


Mobile gaming is a fantastic way for fun and enjoyment and game are very handy, and we can play the game while we are traveling.  Sometimes a game is the perfect companion of the journey. Most of the youths are obsessed with mobile games, and many people are playing the Game of Sultans. It is an amazing game, and you will love to play the game. It is very convenient for every player and the game playing like a historical movie. The game provides the opportunity for playing the role of a king, and it is the RPG based game. Game of Sultans Hack is a solution to any kinds of a problem while we are playing.

Compulsory currencies

Generally, the game has various types of currency, and all are beneficial for each phase of the game. Two main currencies are used for the player, and that is diamonds and coins. Along with them, some tickets are also necessary for earning.

Uses of diamonds and coins

Diamonds and coins are mainly used for purchasing some new things but both are helpful for leveling up in the game and you are able to play at any events. Most of the online things are happing in the game. Coins are used for purchasing many weapons and security tools for beef up.

Valuable tickets

Tickets are the free currency, and we can get that by playing in a treasure hunt. In which you will get some amount of tickets, and they are used for entering consorts and ongoing events of the harem.  Tickets are collectible for going to the next level.

Spend wisely

Each currency is not easy to get, and the player sacrifice many things for getting. Take a good decision before spending the currency. You will also add much amount of coins by Game of Sultans hack, and it works properly. Always go with usable items and do not store any useless thing.



Hungry Shark World- A Complete Guide for Beginners


Online many categories based games are available like Role-playing, Adventure, Simulation and much more. In these, all categories Action is an incredible category. Under it, many kinds of games are available but Hungry Shark World a favorite game. It is a huge open world which is full fill from various kinds of sharks and other pets. If you want to experience the real sea then must download it. In the game, 20 types of different sharks are available with lots of exciting and enjoyable missions.

How to play-

If you are a beginner and don’t know how to play Hungry Shark World then first download it from the game store. Nowadays each device has their different game store means if you have an Android device then download it from the Google play store. As per in the IOS device apple app store is available. After download, the game opens it in your device. When you open the game at that time, you have two options login with Facebook and play as a guest. If you follow our steps then always log in with the social site because it will give you a certain amount of rewards. After that the company will give you a tutorial then you should learn it carefully.

Tips for beginners-

Here some tips are also available which will help you in improving your performance. It will also be useful to boost the level.

  1. In the game some gold colors of fish, birds, and people are available. Via the eating of it, you are able to activate the gold rush. Once your gold rush is activated, then you have an excellent chance to earn extra rewards.
  2. We all know that there are many kinds of sharks are available. The big shark is an incredible part of shark. It will help you to unlock the more items and earn some rewards. If you want to unlock big sharks, then eat enough sea creature and the land creature like people.
  3. By trying Hungry Shark World Cheats and you earn easily more currencies.
  4. Watch the Ad because it will give you a certain amount of rewards. In it a free option is available when you tap on it then a video will play automatically.