Critical Ops game – pain and pleasure hand in hand


Critical Ops a swift speed thrill game is free and developed by Critical Force Entertainment. You as a lover of thrill and risk can play critical ops game with awesome gameplay and graphics. The real warfare thrill can be enjoyed as fighting as a counter – terrorist or with the aim of causing destruction as a terrorist. Opposing team players keep fighting with you till the time gets over. The game provides you both with special shop and Critical Ops Hack to play the game till you become winner of the game.

Customization of team and weapons

Before fighting and playing the Critical Ops game you have to customize your team by joining hand with other players. Besides it, weapons also need to be customized. You can also opt for your favorite weapons and other arms and ammunition.

Rank system

You should try to climb the ladder and show your talent and skill or you can use Critical Ops Hack as you are able to unlock higher ranks. Do you have the guts what it takes you to be a Special Ops?

Action flooded game modes

  • Basically, three modes of Critical Ops are there flooded with action and risk.
    • Defuse mode – terrorist team’s aim is to plant more C4 bombs and to protect them from you. Whereas, your team’s main aim is to defuse the bombs at any cost. The round ends when the bombs are defused or exploded.
    • Gun game – the mode is new with only one player who claim’s the victory of the game.
    • Deathmatch – this mode declares the winner who has higher score than other teams.

Rival team always tries to keep fighting and the winner team of the game is decided by the number of more kills. Pain and pleasure go hand in hand in the game when you win your have more pleasure to share with your teammates.


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