Homescape Tips And Power Up Combinations For Completing Levels Faster

Homescape: Tips and Power up Combinations for Completing Levels Faster

Homescapes is a very similar type of game to Gardenscapes which is a combination of puzzles along with room decorating game elements. The player at first needs to complete the puzzle levels in order to earn stars and further replace Homescapes Hack their old carpet, furniture, wallpaper and other different objects with brand new ones. A number of rooms are available where each specific room get you through different objectives of the gameplay so as to win surprise gifts.
Knowing the game rules in detail
Homescape is a game having similarities with another match 3 puzzle games, but it has some specific rules that one must know before starting the gameplay. Few of the steps are:
• 3 or more pieces are to be matched by getting the adjacent pieces swapped. The objectives are to be followed on the screen’s left side before losing out all the moves.
• Stars are earned after completing each level which can be used to renovate the house.
• Some renovations require more stars which call for completion of more objectives.
• A level needs to be completed before the number of moves reaches to zero. For earning extra coins, one must complete the levels with a few moves.
Here are few of the tips along with power up combinations which can be used to complete the various levels in a shorter time span which doesn’t include Homescapes cheats:
1. Stripes are to be checked before activation
Rocket power-ups are having stripes specify whether it is responsible for removing the entire column or row. Horizontal stripes denote that a row gets cleared whereas vertical stripes tend to clear the column by activating the rocket.
2. Bomb power-ups or swapping rockets by double tapping
Power up a rocket or a bomb can be activated with a double tap on it as well as swapping those bombs or rockets with a piece will help you in removing the desired column or row.
3. Power up combinations and their effectiveness
Rainbow balls, bombs, and rockets are all power-ups which help the player in removing a greater number of pieces from the game board. If two power-ups are combined, great effects are created. For this one needs to get two adjacent power-ups swapped to create the marvelous magic. These combos will help you in getting rid of several pieces at one go.

Few of the combos can be achieved by the following ways:

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• Combining paper plane with a bomb which will make the plane fly to any random piece and thereby remove and explode it simultaneously.
• Combining a paper plane with a rocket will result in the rocket flying in the direction of a random piece so as to clear the row or column.
• Getting two rockets combined will result in triggering of a cross-shaped explosion, clearing a column as well a row.
• Combining two rainbows will help in clearing her response the entire board in one move.
These are some of the power-up combos which can be utilized to earn coins as well as save the moves. Some Homescapes hacks can also be adapted to finish the levels faster without losing out on moves. This game is, therefore, full of amazing features which are sure to excite you and keep your interest alive until the end of the game.




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